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January 17 2017

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*balloon-rubbing noises*

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January 05 2017

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Drawing a shortstack chicken seems like the sort of thing I’d do for the year of the rooster, right?

January 03 2017

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This is Muffet (no, not Undertale), an original character of one EnterPraiz, another artist on Tumblr (not to mention one of my inspirations). Although it is just admit, I must admit I really like how this one came out, especially the face. Her anger just…speaks to me.

December 24 2016

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Was thinking about things I’d like to see when I open a box tomorrow, and I never posted this before, so here it is.

Sketch by @enterpraiz, I cleaned and colored to my taste.

That’s my character Octette in a snifit costume. She’s a nurse so we thought it’d be cute if the doctor bags in PAYDAY 2 just had her inside.

Merry Xmas, ya douchebags.

December 22 2016

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Bridget and Harley celebrate the Trollidays

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Look at these two dorks

December 12 2016

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I was hatching these things all day and this happened

December 05 2016

November 23 2016

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November 17 2016


November 04 2016

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I think Akinator might be a fan of @enterpraiz

I still can’t believe this is real

November 02 2016

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October 31 2016

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October 27 2016

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October 26 2016

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She probably roped Charcoal into dressing like Bully so she could come out and tell her to shut up.

October 25 2016

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Jin and Olivia’s styles are impetuous

October 22 2016

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Created a bit of fan-art for an artist on here who calls themselves Praiz, whom you can find here: http://enterpraiz.tumblr.com/

It’s of a character of his called Connie, but, of course, I decided to put my little spin on her.


October 21 2016

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I just can’t 「Stand」 it!

October 19 2016

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This coat ain’t half-bad

October 13 2016

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